TRAIN NOW! The CDC (Clown Distancing Committee) - with the help of the ICC (International Clown Committee) - will introduce new pandemic sports each week. You can participate in by training at home or outside with social distance - solo or teamed up with your favorite germ pod. Click on the icon of each sport (above) to find instructions on how you can train.

PLAY LIVE (ONLINE) STARTING 20 AUGUST! During the ‘week’ of the Games, Clown Captains will host live online events inviting PLAYERS from all over the world to join them in playing their pandemic sports in gloriously ridiculous community. The structure for each Game will encourage spontaneous play, inspire fun, and make participation as delightful and accessible as possible.

Keep checking the 2020 Pandemic Games Live (Online) CALENDAR for events - and REGISTER HERE!

Click the icons below to learn about each Pandemic Games Sport and how to participate from home. Click HERE to play LIVE (Online)!

Check back regularly for new sports launching around the world. Play along by posting on social media and registering to play live online.

ClownCorps, USA

ClownCorps, USA

The Red Peach Clown Team, Egypt

Ketut Cakra, Bali, Indonesia

Clown Célula Roja, Chile


Tamba Africa Circus, Zimbabwe

CaliClown, Colombia

Sena Taşkapılıoğlu, Turkey

Bolo&Claus, Spain

Vabieka Fest, Mexico

ClownCorps, USA